Take relaxation to a new frontier with the All New Luxury Plus Massage Chair and enjoy a relaxing massage everyday @ Frankston CORE24

Core24 takes relaxation to a new frontier with the all New luxury Plus Massage Chair. Now when you are a Core24 Platinum Club you can enjoy FREE massages in our luxury Plus Massage Chairs Located in our Core Health Salt Spa. Whether you have had a hard day at the office or a hard workout in the gym you can get a stimulating, relaxing massage that you can adjust in intensity and type to suit how you feel.

Massage is one of the oldest remedies for muscle pain, tension and fatigue. Not only does it soothe aches and pains, but it increases blood flow and muscle elasticity. Sit down in a Back Doctor massage chair for just 15

minutes and you'll feel rejuvenated and relaxed! The BRAND NEW LUXURY PLUS massage chair has been designed to offer amazing relaxation and therapeutic benefits without taking up a large amount of space.

When you're tired from a long day on your feet or in front of a computer, you need to unwind in the simplest way possible. That's why we've searched the globe for a massage chair capable of providing instant stress­

relief and maximum comfort. We've put in the time and the hard work finding the best chair at the best price, so you don't have to!

Massage Chair Features

2D Massage­

Designed with a 2D massage mechanism, allowing you to adjust the intensity and strength of the rollers

Muscle Tension and Stiffness Relief­

This massage chair is specially designed to reduce muscle pain and stiffness, by using the Gua Sha method, stretching and relaxing back muscles.

This helps reduce fatigue


The kneading and air pressure massage simulating human touch makes for a unique experience, removing fatigue and stress

Foot extension

Foot massager can be extended out to 23cm to suit people of varying heights

Waist Stretch

A back stretch can relieve fatigue, intense muscles and stiff joints.

Calf Rest

Calf rest and backrest reclining function, synchronized and automatic reclining